“I believe in a dignified life through art“

Passion and skilled devotion: The Brazilian artist Fernando de Paiva speaks about his love for portrays and the beauty in the face of the ordinary By Katharina Moser Tattoos so detailed and delicate that they turn your skin into a true art work, portrays so vivid that the personas drawn look as if they couldContinue reading ““I believe in a dignified life through art“”

“The way I survive, the way I breathe, is making art”

A Royal Experience: Palaye Royale´s Emerson Barrett in Interview By Katharina Moser “Fever Dream, The lights are fading, Take my hand to Neverland, you’ll see, We can be free, we can be anything, Just you and me“, Remington Leith roars with his beautifully hoarse voice loaden with sheer emotion, Sebastian Danzig plays the guitar melodyContinue reading ““The way I survive, the way I breathe, is making art””

Manager Charlie P speaks out about Young Buck and 50 Cent

Part of the history of G-Unit: We spoke to Nashville icon and influential manager Charlie P By Katharina Moser If you look into the hip hop history of the United States, from the Deep South up to the East Coast and the legendary legacy of G-Unit, there is one name that, no matter how youContinue reading “Manager Charlie P speaks out about Young Buck and 50 Cent”

“I want to let people know where I’m from and what I represent”

Out of Cuba and out of prison: US-rapper Hecto unleashes a new style of hip hop with Cuban roots and shares a story of finding yourself By Katharina Moser Sometimes the one thing that helps you to find yourself is music – and there is hardly someone for who this is more true than forContinue reading “I want to let people know where I’m from and what I represent”

The Catharsis of Rock and the Joy of Live Concerts

The Pineapple Thief in Interview Two years can be an excruciatingly long time. At least for all the music fans worldwide who the Covid pandemic deprived of the greatest joy fans can possibly have –  the chance to see bands live in concert. But with the case numbers receding slowly and the impatience growing, countriesContinue reading “The Catharsis of Rock and the Joy of Live Concerts”

The War in Europe Must Stop

Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine is on the minds of every European right now. Mėta Kvedaravičiūtė, a young Lithuanian studying in Heidelberg, Germany, shares her thoughts on the frightening situation. “ Ladies and Gentlemen, I am a Lithuanian student at the University of Heidelberg and I want to talk about the situation in UkraineContinue reading “The War in Europe Must Stop”

Der Krieg in Europa muss aufhören

Der Angriffskrieg Russlands in der Ukraine beschäftigt gerade ganz Europa. Mėta Kvedaravičiūtė, eine junge Litauerin, die im deutschen Heidelberg studiert, teilt ihre Gedanken zu der erschreckenden Situation. “ Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, ich bin eine litauische Studierende an der Universität Heidelberg und will über die Situation in der Ukraine und im ganzen Osten, besondersContinue reading “Der Krieg in Europa muss aufhören”

Auftritte mit Symbolbedeutung

Genesis kommt nach Deutschland Genesis kommt auf Tour nach Deutschland – und es ist eine Konzertreihe mit Symbolbedeutung. Die durch die Corona-Pandemie stark gebeutelte Veranstaltungsbranche benötigt nichts mehr als legendäre Künstler und volle Konzerthallen. Nach den ständigen Absagen und verschobenen Terminen, fehlender Planungssicherheit und mangelnder politischer Unterstützung sehen sich viele Konzertveranstalter am Rande des Abgrunds.Continue reading “Auftritte mit Symbolbedeutung”