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Manager Charlie P speaks out about Young Buck and 50 Cent

Part of the history of G-Unit: We spoke to Nashville icon and influential manager Charlie P By Katharina Moser If you look into the hip hop history of the United States, from the Deep South up to the East Coast and the legendary legacy of G-Unit, there is one name that, no matter how you…

“I want to let people know where I’m from and what I represent”

Out of Cuba and out of prison: US-rapper Hecto unleashes a new style of hip hop with Cuban roots and shares a story of finding yourself By Katharina Moser Sometimes the one thing that helps you to find yourself is music – and there is hardly someone for who this is more true than for…

Life on Mars

We talked to rockstar Yungblud Is there any life on Mars? While for some people, this question might sound quite random, for others it is the very question of the year, both a melody in the head and an enigma of youth, an irritation and comfort for a troubled mind at the same time. And…

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