“Music is life and life is rhythm“

Warren G in interview Hip hop icon, West Coast legend, godfather of G-Funk – there are very few persons that have contributed to hip hop as much as Warren G. The stepbrother of Dr. Dre and best friend of Snoop Dogg has written music history with his smash “Regulate“, the most successful rap single everContinue reading ““Music is life and life is rhythm“”

“Home Is Not a Place But a Mentality“ – Welshly Arms in Interview

There is now no one who doesn’t know songs like “Legendary” or “Sanctuary,” which have stormed the European charts in recent years. Despite their young age, the six-piece rock and pop band Welshly Arms from Cleveland, Ohio, has produced more than one hit since 2012. A conversation with frontman Sam Getz about music that goesContinue reading ““Home Is Not a Place But a Mentality“ – Welshly Arms in Interview”

With Love for a Very Special Way of Life

Author: Katharina Moser. In 1951, the first School of the Air was founded in Alice Springs in the heart of Australia. Spread over 1.3 million square kilometers, its students grow up on remote cattle farms, in Aboriginal communities or national parks deep in the outback – and it is impossible for them to attend ordinaryContinue reading “With Love for a Very Special Way of Life”